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Our Story

The Legal Profession Act Chap. 90:03 of the revised Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago came into force on January 1st 1987, and brought with it the “fusion” of the traditional roles of solicitor and barrister into a then-novel professional called an “Attorney-at-Law”.

In eager anticipation of that Act, “M.G. Daly and Partners” was founded on December 22nd 1986 by Martin G. Daly S.C., Elton A. Prescott S.C., Reginald T. A. Armour S.C. and Jo Anne Julien as a full-service firm of Attorneys-at-Law, the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Firm’s first offices were located at 64-68 Pembroke Street in Port of Spain, from where it rapidly grew in number, size and scope. By February 2nd 1989, the Firm occupied offices at 115A Abercromby Street in Port of Spain, across from the historical Harris Square. The Firm now occupies a modern office building at 121 Henry Street in Port of Spain, just two buildings north of the Caribbean Court of Justice. Our offices are within walking distance of the Courts, Commissions, Agencies and other public bodies before which our Attorneys-at-Law principally appear, many places of social, cultural and historical significance, public transport networks and financial service centres and providers.

Throughout its history, the Firm has had nine diverse partners with varied backgrounds, interests and associations. Among them are members of the Inner Bar, independent Senators, academic faculty members, a Justice of Appeal, members of the Law Association and its various Committees, Commissioners in various public bodies and Board representatives of various public and private companies. The Firm has, over the years, also employed many Associate Attorneys-at-Law of considerable experience and competence who have either entered equity or moved on to have very promising careers both within and outside of the legal profession.

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